Get Started with Legacy at Your Israel Nonprofit

If you’re a nonprofit organization in based in Israel and interested in learning how your organization can start its own Legacy program, you’ve come to the right place!

Legacy Israel Central works directly with nonprofit organizations to help them in the different aspects of the launching their legacy program. For most nonprofits located in Israel, Legacy is a completely new concept. Because of that, Israel Legacy Central created a 12 month onboarding and education program that helps organizations learn about different aspects of Legacy.

Another aspect of Israel Legacy Central and our work with Israel nonprofits is building awareness. One of the complexities for many Israel nonprofit is building awareness about their work. As Judi Srebro, who works as an Israel Legacy Central advisor in Israel, explains:

“One of the things that organizations in Israel struggle with the most is becoming know. While people are very interested in supporting Israel, a lot of people are still unaware of many of the nonprofits here and just how big of an impact they have here in Israel”.

To help build greater awareness about Israel philanthropies outside of Israel, Israel Legacy Central works with organization to help tell their story and enables individuals to learn about,  and connect with, Israel nonprofits through the Israel Legacy Central website.

If you’re involved with an Israel nonprofit organization or are connected with an American or Canadian Friends of Israel organization, get in touch with us to learn more about us or visit our nonprofit registration page to get started.

Mordy is an advisor and guest contributor to Israel Legacy Central.

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