A message from the founder of Israel Legacy Central, Carol Karsch

Growing up in the American philanthropic world and heading the Jewish Community Foundation in Tucson for 25 years gave me the priceless opportunity to work with hundreds of donors and their families building their charitable Legacy plans.

I believed in the concept of Legacy from the time my husband and I created a charitable bequest years earlier when our first child was born.

Donors made very individual choices: an institution with which they had long affiliated, such as synagogue or Center, or a new program which the donor felt would fill a gap in community life. Many designated a general field, such as childhood education or Ethiopian absorption in Israel, and asked their local Federation or Foundation to ensure funding.  When Israel had been a vital part of their lives, an Israeli organization was often included in the Legacy plan.

Legacy, we grew to understand, represented “One More Child to Worry About and Protect His Future.”

Over the years I learned how deep this connection ran. Once someone committed to Legacy, he or she would never let it go. His “One More Child” became part of his being. This was for me a new and powerful realization.

Always hoping to make Aliya, my move in 2012 to Modiin, a dynamic city between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, opened the way to work towards long term financial support for Israeli organizations.

The Israel Legacy Central Website offers you the opportunity to connect directly with Israeli nonprofit organizations and read their stories and personal accounts. You’ll also find ideas and practical information about making a Legacy Giving.  When you include Israel in your Legacy, you’ll experience a sense of completeness and satisfaction from the impact you can make.

Carol Karsch is the founder of Israel Legacy Central and has been working in Jewish philanthropy her entire career, including 25 years as the Executive director of the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona.

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